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by nasabeter
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Hello Readers,

I’m so excited you’re here visiting my blog. And I’m thrilled I finally got to create my own blog where I share content in my own personal space about topics that I enjoy experiencing the most.

So who am I?

I’m Nassab El-Eter, a Lebanese lady who just moved in to Canada after spending her last decade living and working in Saudi Arabia. I’ve got a Bachelor degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Soon after I kicked off my Career I found this profound passion to sharing and communicating knowledge and information. Which made me realize that I chose this major for its wealth in information. Yes, I did enjoy tweeting health tips, creating nutrition content for brands and giving seminars more than practicing the actual Dietitian job.

When I started working as a freelancer with brands, I just fell in love with how marketers talk and their thinking process. So I decided to follow my passion (and kind of went with life’s flow) and got an MBA with marketing focus. Then I started working in Marketing communication and specifically in Digital Marketing. I’ve been doing this for +7 years and did enjoy every single second of it. From building Digital Strategies, to social media management, creating content calendars, running on ground productions, developing brand assets and key visuals…. It all feels magic to me!

Finding my cooking passion

Despite loving my job and all the creativity it involves, every marketer will tell you it’s a very stressful job. I was always stressing about timelines and targets and countless other things. So I found myself waiting for the weekend to spend couple of hours in my kitchen cooking with a good background music and enjoying every single moment of it. Which made me realize this is how I unwind. Cooking gracefully is therapeutic for me.

Not only that it made me feel good but also every single person who tried my food would always say I’m a great cook… well we all like to hear complements! But when even the pickiest eaters brag about your food then well you start believing you’ve got talent. Honestly I owe it to my family. Like literally every single person in our family is a great cook, all males and females.

In October 2019, my husband and I decided to move to Canada and we’re very happy to call Calgary our new home. I decided I wanted to take a break from professional life stress especially that the past 2 years where far from easy for us. I’ve experienced 2 pregnancy loss and ended up a mom for 3 angel babies in heaven. So I needed this new fresh start more than anything else on earth. I wanted to take time to heal by enjoying a relaxed life. And while doing so, I found my self spending most of my time either cooking or watching online recipes. And I truly enjoy it!

Starting my blog “Levantine Mama”

I’ve got passion for content creation and cooking. And I’ve got food and nutrition background along with digital marketing skills. Isn’t it like the perfect ingredients to start a food blog?!

I wanted my blog to share with the world the great flavors of middle eastern food and to celebrate those home made meals I’ve always enjoyed cooking and eating which I can best describe as “Levantine” Cuisine. “MAMA” on the other hand because food prepared by mothers is showered with love and warmth. And that’s the energy I want to radiate here.

In my blog, you’ll find Middle Eastern recipes, healthy meals, and health and nutrition related articles.

So if you’re into food and health, I hope you enjoy our journey together. And mostly I hope I could bring to your day a dash of happiness, inspiration, love, knowledge or whatever your soul is looking for….

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